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Stub.png Incomplete Article: This article is not finished yet and needs expansion.

Please expand it and remove this notice when it is finished.

Ticket system help

You have been redirected to this page, because your ticket has been marked as incomplete (zur deutschen Version dieser Seite).

What does the status "incomplete" mean?

An incomplete ticket lacks sufficient information to comprehend or reproduce the described scenario.

Mostly this boils down to the question How can the issue be reproduced in the online demo? Please always provide the steps to reproduce a problem in the online demo when you are reporting a defect. And please always outline a concrete usage scenario, post code examples or add a .patch file to your ticket when you are requesting new features.

Also, make sure to understand what belongs in the ticket system and what does not.

What are the next steps?

So far, your ticket has only been marked as incomplete but not yet closed. Add the missing information so your request can be processed. If a ticket remains incomplete, it will be closed automatically within a certain period of time.

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