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These are the basic system requirements for a Contao webspace:

feature description
webserver Apache or IIS
PHP minimum version 5.2
PHP extensions GDlib, used for image resizing; SOAP (optionally), needs to allow external transfers so that you can use the extension repository within your Contao-backend; mbstring (optionally), needed for multi-byte character handling; mcrypt (optionally), needed for data encryption
MySQL minimum version 4.1, though I definitely recommend version 5.x; MySQLi is also supported
browser (for Contao backend) a modern internet browser … don't even think about Internet Explorer 6 ;-)

Recommended PHP configurations

parameter description
Safe mode Off
Maximum execution time 30 or greater
Memory limit 16M or greater
Register globals Off
File uploads On
Upload maximum filesize 8M or greater
GDlib extension On
SOAP extension On

Tip: I recommend using the system check.

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