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Ticket system help

You have been redirected to this page, because your ticket has been closed as a duplicate or your request does not belong into the ticket system (zur deutschen Version dieser Seite).

Reporting bugs

If you have found a bug in Contao that can be reproduced in the online demo at, you can submit a ticket here. However, if the error does not occur in the online demo, please ask for help in the forum.

If you are not sure how to use a certain function or feature, please ask in the developer's forum before submitting a bug report.

Requesting features

If you want to request a new feature, please browse the Contao Extension Repository first to check if the feature has already been implemented. If not, please use the search function to see if the feature has been requested before.

If you are looking for a place to discuss your ideas for Contao, please go to the developer's forum.

What does not belong here

  • Questions regarding how to install Contao
  • Questions regarding how to use Contao
  • Questions regarding how to develop for Contao
  • Any third-party extension related issues

If you need help using Contao, please refer to the main Contao website. More information about the Contao development process is available in the developer's guide.

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