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Calendar Events Attend Module

This module provides a new type of event which links a registration form, a last registration date, show Free remaining (for count validation) and provides a module that displays the event with these new additional options.


Download and Install from Extension Repository

Create Event with Attendance

  • Create a new Calendar Archive
  • Create a new Event in the above Archive
    • at the bottom of the event look for the Event Registration section and enable the registation (note: this will only appear for a default type event (internal/external does not allow registration)
    • choose from the Select the form a form with type set to Automatic Form (see Form Auto Module)
    • Add a * Form Headline*, e.g. Registration Information
    • Add a Last Registration Date, after which the form will be deactivated and say: "Registration is closed for this event" (which is editable in the language files).
    • Enable Show Free places remaining, to display a block with free places remaining below the form
    • If above enabled, add a * Show Free Headline*, e.g. Free Places Remaining

Support Modules

Event Front-end

  • Event Attendance (use instead of regular Event Reader)
    Create a Module for Event Attendance, which will display the event like the TL Event Reader Module, but will check if booking is full or over last registration date. If not, it will display the booking form, and optionally the free places section. The mod_eventsattend.tpl now only contains the appended registration information (the original modules mod_event.tpl and event_xxx.tpl need to be modified to change their output accordingly)
Note.png Note: Use this module INSTEAD of your regular Event Reader module. If the event you are viewing is a default event (no registration) it will display as a normal TL event using the default TL templates as described above (without any additional info).
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