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Forum and Helpdesk

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  • Native TYPOlight application; fully integrated into TYPOlight user/member system.
  • Can be used as forum, as helpdesk ticketing system, or both at same time.
  • Both, frontend members and backend users, can be members/clients or moderators/supporters.
  • Multiple frontend modules with selected categories are possible; to be displayed on one or several pages, or embedded within articles.
  • Backend modules for configuration and forum participation.
  • Comprehensive and fast BBCode engine including tables, lists, several box types, syntax highlighting and more.
  • Popup windows for BBCode help and editor preview.
  • Email notification to subscribing users.
  • Email import to create new topics/tickets, as well as to reply to notifications.
  • Fully customizable layout and appearence by templates and themes.
  • Powerful search engine.
  • RSS feeds for any selection of categories.
  • Convenient moderator functions including cut/paste operations to move messages and topics


TYPOlight Forum/Helpdesk is a message board (forum) application designed to be as well used as a helpdesk ticketing system, for example to provide formal and informal support to customers or clients. The terminology and functions of the forum categories is slightly different than the support ticketing categories, but when you know the mapping you will immediately be familiar with the application: (image)


  • Public Forum: Everybody can read the forum, even non-logged in users. Only authorized members can however open topics or reply.
  • Restricted Forum: The forum is visible only for authorized members.
  • Public Support: Everybody can see all tickets, even non-logged in users. Only authorized clients can however open tickets or reply.
  • Shared Support: All authorized clients can see and reply each others tickets, however only the owner has priviledge to close or delete his tickets. Create such a category for example for each company with a SLA1) where multiple staff members shall have access to the tickets.
  • Private Support: Only the ticket owner can see his tickets, but nobody else (admins and supporters authorized for the category can of course also see and reply to the tickets). Used for example for formal support of individuals.
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