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New to Contao?

New to Contao?

Basic information about Contao

Install Contao


Install Contao

Initial configuration after installation

First steps

Initial configuration after installation

Contao Community Documentation Portal

The whole projects depends on the participation of it's users.
If you want to participate please sign up and start documenting simply by writing an e-mail to ck [at]kikmedia[dot]de.

The goal of the "Contao Community Documentation" project is to provide users, administrators and developers the most complete collection of information related to the content management system Contao.

The "ccd" is not an official page of the Contao project but initiated by enthusiastic users of the Content Management System Contao. So please do not report any mistakes, annotations or even generic rants concerning this documentation to the official Contao team as they have better things to do than being buggered with notices about an site they have nothing to do with.

Get in touch with us on IRC Chat for an unconstrained and friendly discussion on Contao.

This is an
Contao unofficial fanpage
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