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The new Theme Manager from Contao 2.9 occurred in the Banner module changes in the concept of selection of templates.
Previously, the selection of the template in the category, this is now in the front end module.

During update is automatically performed a migration. It is possible that these are clearly not feasible.
Therefore, a manual control is absolutely necessary. Notice the entries in system log!

The migration method looking for existing Banner front end modules and its associated category, reads out the defined template, and enter it into a Banner front end module.
Is there a Banner front end module with more than one category (very old versions could do) is no longer the migration possible.
Therefore, after migration, must be controlled to set the Banner front end modules.
Helpful to have the messages in the system log like this:

[24.07.2010 18:45] Banner-Module "BannerModule 1 Cat 1" has been migrated

Here the Banner front end module "BannerModule 1 Cat 1" has been migrated successfully.

[24.07.2010 18:45] Banner-Module "BannerModule 1 Cat 1 + 2" could not be migrated

Here the Banner front end module "BannerModule 1 Cat 1 + 2" could not be migrated.

In this case, is now on the "Layout" - "Themes" - "Modules" the module to edit.
The points "Banner Categories" and "Banner Template" should be examined and must save.

--BugBuster 00:11, 3 October 2010 (CEST)

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