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Browser Upgrade: module description



  • Simple implementation of a notice from "if a visitor uses an obsolete browser version (similar to a security advice)
  • Possible to define which browsers should be considered as being obsolete
  • test mode (display in all browsers)


You can install the extension like every other one using the extension repository. Follow the instructions as usual.


  • Create a new module
  • Enter a title (e.g. 'browser update notice')
  • Choose the module type 'Browser Update' (see category miscellaneous)
  • Configure notices. It's recommended that you display the notice in every browser first while testing the extension. This way you (and you're hopefully using the current version of your browser) are able to see the notice as well.
  • Save the module
  • Go to the page layouts. In the section 'Included modules' you can now include your module wherever you want to. It doesn't matter whether you choose the 'header' or the 'Left column' because JavaScript-Code is included in your page header anyway.
  • Switch to the frontend view to test
  • After a successful test go back to the module to change your notice settings. I suggest using the manual configuration which includes Internet Explorer 6 as well.

Tutorial created by ETES

Tutorial translated by "Toflar"

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