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Catalog Mailer

The Catalog Mailer adds the ability to mail catalog items to a predefined mail setup. This is ideal for sending an property or product update e-mail to a head-office or group e-mail on a regular basis.

This module requires the installation of the [ExtensionsCatalog Catalog Module] and [ExtensionsCatalogExt Catalog Extension Module].



This module adds the ability to mail Catalog items to the Catalog/Catalog Extension modules. You can set-up a pre-defined query with limit numbers and then the mailer will allow individual item selection before mailing.

Additional Catalog Configuration

The backend allows setting up the subject, sender address, pre-defined recipient list, mail_xx and catalog_xx templates, field list to display in mailer application, filter condition and default sort order, and number of items.

Catalog mailer-mail.jpg

Catalog Mail button

Once enabled, the Catalog Mailer creates a mail button for each catalog. The mailer application allows you to add custom recipients, a custom message and to select the catalog items to add to the mail. You can then preview or mail the catalog items.

Catalog mailer-config.jpg

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