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Gallery Module

The Gallery module allows you to manage image galleries grouped by gallery archives, outside of an Article. This Module works similar to the Gallery CE, but its uses its own separate database and uses modules (similar to news) to create a gallery list, viewer and single gallery.


Create a Gallery Archive

You can create and edit new Gallery Archives, e.g. Wallpapers, Nature, Travel, Modern. These will then contain many galleries creating a theme grouping.

gallery archive edit

Gallery Edit Screen

Inside a Gallery archive, create several galleries, each with its own settings.

gallery edit

When you've added a few galleries, this is what they will look like in the item list.

gallery items

Gallery List Module

The gallery list module (with gallery_short.tpl) shows all the galleries in an archive each with a small 1-line image preview, clicks through to gallery viewer below.

Hint.png Hint: Use the gallery_short.tpl template for the gallery list, and either gallery_fullscreen.tpl to support the slimbox fullscreen effect checkbox in the gallery, or gallery_default.tpl to disable the fullscreen, but still suppoty meta.txt links (as per regular gallery)
gallery module list

Gallery Viewer, Single Modules A gallery viewer (like news reader) module to view a single gallery using the id/alias as parameter.

gallery module viewer

Gallery Single Module

Gallery Single Module looks identical to this but does not require an ID/alias in the URL, as this is predefined in the module. This can then be used in a news item, event, or added to an article.

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