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TYPOlight Extension - Unzip Extension for File Manager

This module allows you to upload a ZIP file (once enabled) and then use a button in the TL File Manager to unzip the file and its contents.

  • This extension can be made compatible with TL 2.5.9 and below, by copying a file from TL 2.6 /system/library/ZipReader.php to your older installation in the same location. This has been tested to work.


Install extension from the TL Repository back-end or download and unzip it to your typolight/system/modules/ directory in your TYPOlight installation.

User Guide

Upload a ZIP file: Firstly, enable ZIP as an extension in your TYPOlight settings in the back-end, so the file manager will allow ZIP files to be uploaded.

  • You need to enable ZIP files in your TYPOlight settings for uploads, otherwise your back-end users cannot upload zip files, e.g. for Image galleries of large quantities like 50 or more files.

Unzip using the File Manager

Look for your ZIP file in the File Manager Tree View, then click on the Unzip icon Iconrar.gif to unzip your archive. Only archives (.zip) files will have this extra icon.

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Once you click the button, a new screen will all you to select a specific file or all files in the zip file. You will receive a confirmation that your files were extracted. Then you can click to go back to the File Manager list, where you will see the files extracted.

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