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The Contao subversion repository is available at

If you want to fetch everything, including all released versions, you have to omit the suffix "trunk".

Caution.png Caution: A Complete Checkout is a giant heap of files and should not be checked out without very good reasons.

Official informations are available at: (very bottom of the page).

Checkout using different clients

Tortoise SVN with Windows

Download the client from After the installation is complete, you'll find an new entry in the Windows Explorer context menu named "TortoiseSVN Checkout". After clicking on that one, you will be prompted for a subversion repository URL. Enter to get the latest revision. Finally click "OK" and TortoiseSVN will check out all files to the selected directory.

To update this working copy to the latest revision you do not have to check out trunk anymore. Instead you can use "TortoiseSVN Update" from the same context menu (You have to be within your working copy to make this menu entry available). Using update instead of checkout only transfers the files changed since the last checkout/update.

Console client "svn" using Linux or cygwin

Open a console window to get into bash and create a new directory where you want the sources to end up.

mkdir contao
cd contao

Issue the following command to perform a checkout:

svn co

To update the working copy to the latest revision, you only have to update (up) it. To do this, hop into the directory containing the sources and issue the following command:

cd contao
svn up

For further documentation of the subversion cliend, please read the manpage.

man svn
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