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This extension allows to store form generator data in the backend, similar to EFG.
Compared to EFG, it allows for much cleaner control, but lacks a lot of EFGs features.

Name of the developer Andreas Schempp (andreas.schempp)
Developer Website http://www.iserv.ch
Version of the extension 1.0.0
Compatibility with Contao Version 2.9.0 - 2.10.1
Link to Extension Repository http://www.contao.org/extension-list/view/leads.en.html
Link to Tracker http://www.contao-forge.org/projects/leads/issues


The installation of the module occurs about the extension Repository in back-end of Contao.
A manual installation is possible. Download the ZIP file from Extension Repository, unzip and transfer it.
A directory should have been created "/system/modules/leads".
Then call /contao/install.php - Perform Update Database.

The module Leads is dependent on the "Excel 95 writer (xls_export)". They must therefore be installed with manual installation.


The Leads module allows you to track leads on your website. A "lead" is considered a form submission by the website visitor. All leads will be stored in the database and can be accessed via the back-end.

Getting Started

Tracking leads with the module

One of the first questions you need to ask when using this module is which data do you want to store of your form. Decide which form fields you want to assoicate with a lead entry.

For example, for a simple contact form you might want to store the name, email address and comment field.

Configuring the leads module

After you have determined the necessary data for your lead. You need to add these fields to the list of lead fields by clicking on the "Fields" button in the toolbar.

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