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nusoap - nusoap if SOAP module missed.

Name of the developer weke
Version of the extension 1.0.2 stable
Compatibility with Contao Version 2.9.1 - 2.10.2
Link to Extension Repository
Depending of ff. Extension keine
Comment Could not used together with TensideRepository Extension

nusoap didn't run with Contao (TYPOlight) version before 2.9.0 and not together with TensideRepository



This extension allows the usage of the extension repository if no PHP SOAP module is available It based on the original extension of contao and based on the work of Peter Koch and Christian Schiffler. Many thanks for your work!


If no SOAP-Module was detected, the SOAP communication will use the NuSOAP ( instead. All other functionality is the same as in the original Contao module.


This Version is only for Contao 2.9.x! If you got an installed tensiderepository extension than uninstall it first or deactivate it. If you use TYPOlight up to Version 2.8.4 you can't use this extension! In that case use the extension tensiderepository.

Step 1

First of all you have to download the current zip archive with this extension form Contao homepage. You will find it here.

This zip archiv contains a TL_ROOT folder, which carries itself the system and plugins subfolders. These folders contain the nusoap and nusoap2 subfolders.

Nusoap zip.jpg

These two subfolders you have to upload to your contao root directory at the server. The root directory sill contains a system and plugins directory. After the upload you will find a contao folder tree like this:

Nusoap contao.jpg

After that the Extension Repository will be available on servers without installed PHP SOAP Module.

Step 2

After finishing the 1. step of the installation the extension nusoap itself will not be recognition by the extension manager.
Therefore no information's about updates of nusoap will be shown in extension manager. To resove these problem you have to install this extension again using the extension catalog in the contao backend. This will create the necessary database entry's.

You will easily find the extension nusoap in the extension catalog if you enter nusoap in the search field.

Nusoap find.jpg

Since version 1.0.1 a message will be shown in the backend main page till the extension is installed twice. After the second installation the message will removed automatically. If the installation of step 2 was successful and the extension is shown in the extension manager, but the message still shown in the backend main page, please remove the folders '/system/modules/nusoap/config' and '/system/modules/nusoap/languages' on the server. If you got this problem, please inform the developer weke.


  • Why nusoap and TensideRepository don't work together?
    Both extensions try to replace the original extension manager. TensideRepository replace it complete and nusoap replace only some lines of code. If both extensions installed an incompatible source results.
  • Why should I install nusoap twice?
    This is necessary to get informed about newer Versions of this extension.
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