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To rewrite URL's you just need to do some small settings in the Back-end --> System --> Settings and in the .htaccess file


Access to the Website root and be able to change the .htaccess file.


In Back-end --> System --> Settings you have to mark the field "Rewrite URLs" . Also set the Relative path to the Contao directory under Global configuration to the specific folder ... as example /contao. If you have a root installation (not in a sub-folder installed) you let this field just free.

When you do a installation of Contao you have in the "root-folder" of it a .htaccess.default this has to be renamed in .htaccess . Dont forget to rename the .htaccess to something like .htaccess.old . If you use a sub-folder for your Contao, it needs to be maked in the .htaccess it self too. The Section is:

  # Set the RewriteBase if your Contao installation is in a subdirectoy and
  # the rewrite rules are not working properly. Usage examples:
  #   RewriteBase /contao
  #   RewriteBase /path/to/contao
  # Uncomment the following line to set the RewriteBase.
  RewriteBase /contao

-- ciao_bello - 19.02.2011

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