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Statistic group in the back end, with initial filling.

Name of the developer Glen Langer (BugBuster)
Developer Website
Version of the extension 1.0.0
Compatibility with Contao Version ab 2.10.4
Link to Extension Repository
Link to Tracker
Statistic group
This creates a statistics group and all the statistics of modules of BugBuster moved there, provided that the appropriate modules are installed.

Note: the group is visible only if at least one entry in it.

Using for your own extensions

Everyone can use this group with its own extension. For this the following information.

The menu item is predefined as follows (modules.php), in german and english:

$GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['MOD']['statistics'] = 'Statistiken'; // de
$GLOBALS['TL_LANG']['MOD']['statistics'] = 'Statistics';  // en

An extension can now be used as follows (config.php):

$GLOBALS['BE_MOD']['statistics']['demo_stat'] = array
    callback   => ModuleDemoStatistik,
    icon       => 'system/modules/demo_stat/html/icon.gif',
    stylesheet => 'system/modules/demo_stat/html/mod_demo_stat_be.css'

The above example is a callback module. The principle should always be understood.

--BugBuster 21:29, 16. Aug. 2012 (CEST)

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