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It was necessary in module, because of the new Theme Manager, to change the concept of the selection of templates.
During update is automatically performed a migration. It is possible that these are clearly not feasible.
Therefore, a manual control is absolutely necessary. Notice the entries in system log!

The migration is looking for existing Xing front-end modules and its associated category,
reads out from the defined template, and carries it into the Xing front-end module.
Is there a Xing front-end module with more than one category, migration is not possible anymore.
After the migration must be controlled, the Xing front-end modules.
Helpful to have the messages in the system log like this:

[24.07.2010 18:45] XING-Module "XING" has been migrated

Here was the Xing front-end module "XING" migrated successfully.

[24.07.2010 18:45] XING-Module "XING Group" could not be migrated

Here was the Xing front-end module "XING Group" are not migrated successfully.

Edit in this case on the "Layout" - "Themes" - "modules", the respective module.
The points "Xing Category" and "Xing Template" should be checked and must save.

I'm not a native English speaker. Please correct my mistakes.

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