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Contao version ab 2.9


The Portuguese Translation can be installed in the Backend with the Extention Repository using "Portuguese_Translation" as searching word.

Alternatively you can download the Language-file on the Contao.org Web-page and install it manually.


  1. 1) Manual Installation
  • none
  1. 2) Installation with the Extension Repository
  • To install the Language-File automatically over the Backend in the Extension Repository, it is needed to have a proper installation with the SOAP Extention working (you can checkt this with the contao-check.php).
  • Nusoap: Alternatively you can install manually the Nusoap-Extention if the SOAP Extention is missing.

Manual installation of a Language-File

Language Zip-File

Download here Contao.org the necessary Language File and save it localy. Extract it and copy the extracted /system Folder with a FTP-Client in the Contao-Root Directory of you installation on the Server.
If you work with a local Server (WAMP/LAMP/MAMP) installation copy the extracted /system Folder with a File-Explorer in your Contao-Root Directory

Activate the installed Language-File

To activate the installed language in the Back end, you have to set it under "User Functions" > "Personal Data" > in "Back end language".

In the Front end the language will be selected as the browsers default language is set. Is the default language Portuguese for example, the Contao-Core-Content will be displayed in Portuguese.

Installation from the Extension Manager

In the Backend's "Extension Manager" you have to type the searching word Portuguese_Translation exactly to find it now you can following the instructions as a Extension has to be installed.

Activate Language File in the Backend see Activate the installed Language-File

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